Who we are: Management Rights Association New Zealand

The Management Rights Association of New Zealand (MRANZ Inc) was officially incorporated in September 2012. MRANZ works to ensure the management rights industry has a combined voice and an organisation specifically charged with advancing common issues.

With some momentum in place, goals and aims established MRANZ is now the official voice for the industry. We currently seek new members to join and participate in affirming an industry voice for management rights holders in New Zealand. For more information on joining and to download a membership form click here.
MRANZ aligns itself closely with Alexander Dorrington Lawyers and has the assistance and advice from Denise Marsden of Alenxander Dorrington. Denise provides support for management rights holders and will be constantly keeping MRANZ up to date through our FAQ section of the website. Click here to view FAQ, and click here to contact us with any questions, or advice.

There is more to the organisation than dealing with litigious issues and the objectives of the organisation and more information pertaining to what MRANZ seeks to achieve can be found here.